Members Policy


The Members’ Gallery is a permanent feature at the Center, open year-round, with 5 - 6 regularly scheduled shows each year, available to all members. Occasionally, a show may have a special theme or unique requirements, which is announced well in advance; while not required, artists are encouraged to submit work related to the theme. Members’ work may be displayed in the foyer, hallways, and Red/Pewter/Teal Rooms, based on space requirements and availability.

* During 2018/2019 Construction, the foyer will be impacted and Gallery Space will be limited to the Russell Gallery, Linden's Pewter & Teal rooms.  Both Exhibiting Members and juried Russell Artists may be hung in any gallery. (The Russell Gallery Juried Artist process is suspended until construction is complete).

General Requirements

  • You must maintain Guild membership in order to show work in the Members’ Gallery.

  • Registering for Shows - Artwork must be dropped off ONLY during the designated registration hours.

  • 'Exhibiting Members' may submit up to two (2) artworks in Members’ Art Shows; there is a hanging fee of $10 per piece.

  • Artwork may be exhibited at the Center (any gallery) only once per 12-month period. (This does not apply to work exhibited in the Annual Juried Art Show, the Annual Photography Show, or in private shows.)

  • Artwork must be original (no prints), for sale, and be marketable in our gallery.

  • For members, there is a 30% commission on sales. On shows open to non-members, the commission rate is %40.  

  • Artwork must remain on display for the duration of the show unless it is sold. When work is sold the artist may deliver a new piece to the Center to be displayed for the remainder of the show at no additional cost. The Gallery Committee will arrange for the new piece to be exhibited. Note that following registration, artwork may be handled, hung, exhibited, or rearranged only by members of the Gallery Committee.

  • Artwork not picked up during the designated hours at the end of a show is moved to a storage area. You will need to call the Center during regular business hours and schedule a pickup; the front desk volunteers cannot retrieve or release artwork. There is a $5 charge for work held beyond the scheduled pick up date; an additional fee of $5/month will be charged for storage.


    2-D Art

  • * During Construction: May not exceed 36” in any direction

  • Must be fully dry, signed, framed in a professional manner, properly wired (no alligator clips or saw tooth hangers), and ready for hanging. Wires must be taut; strong enough to hold the piece; securely attached to the sides of the frame; and installed 1/3 of the distance from the top of the piece. Stainless steel braided picture wire works best for smooth hanging.

  • All works on paper, including drawings, photography, original print work, and paintings (oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, etc.) must be under glass or plexiglass.

  • Photographs printed on metal, glass or other hard material, having hanging rails on the back is acceptable. 

Clamped glass, scarred mats, cracked or scratched glass/plexiglass, and

damaged or “weathered” frames are not acceptable.

  • Matting and framing should be of  superior quality and complement the artwork.

  • Unframed works (paintings or photographs) on canvas may be submitted for approval. There is sometimes confusion between “gallery wrap” and “stretched canvas.” Gallery wrapped artwork with a finished border of 1.5” to 2.5” thickness will be accepted, provided the edges are appropriately finished. Artwork displayed on stretched canvas with border thickness of 1” or less thickness will not be accepted unless framed.

    3-D Art

    Includes sculpture, pottery, fiber art, and wooden pieces. The Guild has a limited number of pedestals, but please check to be sure they are available and adequate when registering. Artists must provide appropriate display materials for specialized works of art.


    A $10 fee is charged per shelf (1 square foot) in a locked display case, furnished by the Guild.

    Awards and Judging

  • Each show will be judged by rotating members of a panel of judges. All work on display in both the Members’ Gallery and the Russell Gallery will be considered by the judges.

  • For themed shows, only artwork related to the theme will be included in the judging.

  • Visitors to the Center will be invited to vote for their favorite piece in the combined shows; a Most Popular ribbon will be awarded at the end of each show and that piece will be prominently displayed during the following show (at no cost to the artist).

  • Ribbons for First Place and 3 Honorable Mentions will be awarded at the Opening Receptions for each show, as will the ribbon for Most Popular from the prior show.

  • A list of awards, with photos, will be sent to local newspapers.

    Functions at the Center

    The building is frequently used for special events and meetings, which presents an opportunity to draw additional visitors to view your art. During these events we reserve the right to move the artwork as necessary to accommodate the needs of the special events. Every attempt will be made to keep all work visible.


    Since the Guild is an all-volunteer organization, your help is needed. There are many volunteer opportunities available. Volunteer forms are available at the Front Desk at the Center.