Iphonography Now 2017

The Fourth Annual International I-Phonography Now Competition 


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Plymouth Center for the Arts is pleased to announce the fourth annual I-Phonography competition; again celebrating the unique position that mobile devices play in the production of creative images. Last year this competition had exciting results with hundreds of submitted images, including international entries. 

Selected Artists, & Titles

Awards Listing


Important Dates

  • Images will be uploaded between August 7, 2017 through October 1, 2017
  • Those images accepted for the show and the prize winners will be announced on-line at our website,  November 1st
  • The on-line show will go live on November 9nd

Mobile devices offer the opportunity for spontaneous photos, an intuitive artistic workflow, and a multitude of easily available creative applications. The Committee invites photographers of all ages to submit their favorite images for judging in a truly distinctive photography exhibition. Any image taken with a mobile device, cell phone, tablet, or iPad is eligible.

This “boutique show” will showcase the best 50 of those images submitted. Complimenting the advanced technology of mobile devices, this exhibit will be PCA’s third annual “on-line” show.

Five prizes will be awarded: First, Second, and Third Place with $100, $75, and $50 awarded respectively. There will also be two Honorable Mentions. All five images will additionally be awarded ribbons and certificates. All 50 images will be showcased on-line for almost eight weeks from November 5th across the holidays until the middle of January 2015. In addition, all fifty images will be highlighted in the third issue of the “Literate Image” magazine.  A limited edition of fifty magazines will be printed; each copy numbered, dated and signed by the editor.  The magazines will be inexpensive with the published artists having first option.

All five images by the awardees will be printed, matted and framed at PCA’s expense and highlighted at the Art Center’s Winter/Holiday show. Awardees will be invited to the Winter/Holiday Show’s reception to be presented with their awards.

Photographers of all ages are encouraged to participate and membership is not a requirement. Entry fees are $10 per image. Number of entries from any individual is limited to 15.

The Five Awardees will have their images presented both on-line and at the Art Center