Fall 2019 Art Classes


OCTOBER 7 - NOVEMBER 16,  2019

6 classes (unless otherwise noted)

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Symmetrical Drawing (Psychosymmetry) (9:30-11:30a) Jill Voelker 

Intro to Oil Painting  (9:30a-12:30p) Carole Raymond

Drawing & Painting - (10:30a-1p) Edwina Caci

Creating Expressive Art w/Pastel - (1:30-4:30p) Jory Mason


Drawing & Painting (10:30a-1p) Edwina Caci

Basic Drawing - (1-3p) Michael Anania

Free Verse Poetry ( 4 classes - 1-3p)  Lisa Sullivan

Wheel Throwing Pottery  (2-5p) and/or (6-9p) Leigh Spence


Wednesday Morning Watercolor (9a-noon) Mary LoPiccolo

Oil/Acrylic Landscape Painting "For the Beginner" (2-4:30p) Ahleah Wysocki

Creating Expressive Art w/Pastel (5 classes - 6-9p)  Jory Mason

Basic Drawing - (6:30-8:30p) Michael Anania


Basic Drawing  (10a-noon) Terry Kole

Watercolor Painting for Pleasure (10:30a-12:30p and/or 1:30-3:30p) P. Anthony Visco

Out & About (1-3p)Terry Kole

Cartooning for Teens (4-5:30p) Terry Kole

Basic Digital Photography (4-6p) Richard Mulcahy

Wheel Throwing/Handbuilding for "Tweens & Teens" (4-6p) Nancy Merrifield

Watercolor Painting for Beginners  6-8p P. Anthony Visco

Oil/Acrylic Painting (7-9:30p) Doro Simone


Basic Drawing - (10a-noon) Michael Anania

Watercolor Painting for Beginners  10:30a-12:30p  P. Anthony Visco

Drawing and Sketching for Pleasure (1:30a-3:30p)  P. Anthony Visco


Photography in the Field (4 classes - 7:30-10:30a) Richard Mulcahy

Let's Throw (Ages 7- 9) (10-11:30a) Nancy Merrifield

Scene Painting for Theater - (1-3:30p) Michael Anania

How to Read a Painting with an Artist's Eye Workshop (Oct. 19, 9:30a-1:30p) Mary Jo Beswick


One-day Poetry & Photography Workshop  (Oct. 13, 1-5p)  Lisa Sullivan

Beading on a Sunday Afternoon (3-day workshop 10/20-11/3, 1-4p) Christine Almeida 

One-day Haiku Poetry Workshop (Oct. 27,  1-5p)  Lisa Sullivan

One-day Poetry as Memoir  Workshop (Nov. 3, 1-5p) Lisa Sullivan