ON-LINE: How to Sync Your Mobile Photos with Lightroom Classic CC on Your Desktop

Date: Saturday Nov 21 from 10:00am to 11:30am.
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How to Sync your Mobile Photos with Lightroom Classic CC on your

Are you confused??? Adobe now has three versions of Lightroom…Lightroom CC and
Lightroom CC Classic for your computer and Lightroom CC for your mobile device…
and it gets confusing! This class will explain the differences between these programs
and will walk you through - , step-by-step - the process for syncing photos from Lightroom
on your mobile device with Lightroom Classic CC on your computer.
What you will learn:
• How to set-up a syncing workflow that makes sense for you.
• The difference between collection sets and collections vs. folders and albums.
• The Adobe Cloud - what it is and how to access your images on the web.
• How to sort your images on your mobile device.
• How to use the Lightroom camera on your mobile device to take RAW images.
• How to view your photos using Apple TV.
• And much, much more…
This 1.5 hour class will be conducted on the ZOOM video conferencing platform. The
class will be recorded so you can download it afterwards and watch the class again.
This makes learning online even better than face-to-face classes!
Prerequisites: Current subscription to the Adobe Photographer’s Plan, Basic knowledge
of Lightroom and/or Photoshop, MAC or Windows PC. Apple or Android mobile
Login instructions will be sent via email to each participant prior to the lesson. The recorded
class will be made available for download for each participant after the class.

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