Youth Textiles (Ages 9 - 14)

Date: Every Saturday between Sep 18 and Oct 23 from 10:00am to 12:00pm.
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In this six-week class, your children will have the opportunity to try a variety of textile arts: weaving on a cardboard loom, wet felting, needle felting, and fabric banners. Each week they’ll try a new technique. Students will learn to sew buttons, sew basic stitches, to use wool to create a unique textile art, and create fun woven designs with yarn. At the end of each week, we’ll discuss the next week’s project in order to plan and design throughout the week.  Students will be taught how to safely use textile tools, have the chance to practice scissor skills, and most importantly, discover new creative outlets.

Weaving: (1 project)

  • Cardboard loom & weaving tools to take home
  • Variety of yarns and other materials to weave with
  • Dowel for hanging

Needle Felting: (2 projects)

  • Felting toolsWool base for designs in various shapes
  • Wool and accent yarn for to felt
  • Beads and floss for embellishment

Wet Felting: (6 beads, 1 art piece)

  • Wool for beads and designs
  • Stringing materials
  • Additional accent beads

Banner kit: (1 project)

  • Banner base with rod pocket
  • Felt, fabric, and ribbon to create chosen design
  • Buttons and beads to embellish
  • Dowel & twine for hanging

Students bring:

  • Suitable scissors for yarn or sewing
  • Notebook/sketchbook & preferred design tools (crayons/pencils)
  • Any weaving/sewing/felting/textile supplies they already have and would like to try or learn more about (opt.)

$10.00 supply fee included

Registration ends one week before first class date in order to source adequate supplies for class/workshop size.

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