Watercolor Painting for Pleasure

Date: Every Thursday between Sep 16 and Oct 21 from 10:30am to 12:30pm.
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Have you seen this experienced, talented artist on PACTV?  You'll surely want to learn watercolor techniques from Tony on a one-to-one basis! This is a learn-by-doing class for intermediate (and above) watercolor painters.   Follow along as we spend our time together using a step-by-step approach.  We will primarily use the wet-on-wet, followed by the dry-on-wet technique.  You will learn how to use characteristic shapes, good design elements, movement in color and tonal value, as well as using complementary colors to create and hold interest.  During the first few sessions, students will learn and review basic watercolor techniques through demonstration and lecturing.  For the remainder of the sessions, we will work toward the goal of completing a watercolor painting every time we meet.  There will be plenty of individual attention provided!  Have fun while painting for pleasure.


Watercolor Paints:  Windsor Newton, Holbein, Grumbacher, or DaVinci quality:  warm & cool red; warm and cool blue; warm and cool yellow; and browns (ocher; burnt & raw sienna; sepia; burnt or raw umber).

Watercolor Paper:  Professional grade 140# cold-press

Brushes:  Kolinsky sable (if possible) or good synthetic brushes:   2” or better flat; 1” flat; ½ or ¼” flat; large squirrel full-bodied round mop brush;  rounds in sizes #12, #7,  & #2 script brush (long hair rigger)

In addition:  painting surface that will hold at least a 15”x22” half sheet of watercolor paper; bulldog clips or paint tape; knife or blade; soft  lead  pencil; natural sea sponge; flat synthetic sponge; tissues; paper towels;  and a positive attitude.


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