ON-LINE: Make Your Photos Pop! Developing your Photos in Lightroom Classic CC for Photographers

Date: Every Tuesday between Sep 15 and Oct 20 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.
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This interactive 6-week ONLINE course is designed for photographers who want to learn how to use Lightroom’s developing tools to take their photography to the next level.  This course will provide you with a roadmap and visual workflow so you can consistently make photos that pop.  You will learn to pre-visualize a scene and make it come to life using all the advanced editing tools in Lightroom.

Each class will be divided into two parts…the first hour will be a demonstration of the various editing tools and techniques based on creating images of landscapes, travel photos, people, flowers, food, sunrises and sunsets and still life.  You will learn how to approach editing, where to start and the “why” of using various techniques and tools.  The second hour will be used to edit YOUR photos.  Each week, you will be able to upload your raw images and we will edit them together.  After each class, you will get your edited images back with all the edits we did together during the class. 

What you will learn:

  • Where to start the editing process for any photo
  • A visual workflow that professional photographers use in their editing
  • The how and why of using the tools in Lightroom Classic CC Develop Module
  • How to use and make presets to speed up your workflow
  • We’ll explore using plug-ins from the Nik Collection and Topaz Labs
  • Advanced editing techniques now available in the latest versions of Lightroom Classic CC
  • How make High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Panoramic images
  • Techniques for Black and White conversions
  • How and when to use selective color and light editing techniques to create visual interest for your viewer

All class sessions will be conducted on the ZOOM video conferencing platform.  Each session will be recorded so you can download it afterwards and watch the class again.  This makes learning online even better than face-to-face classes! 

Classes will meet online each Tuesday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  Login and photo upload instructions will be sent via email to each participant prior to the lesson.  Participant’s edited photos will be available after each class and the recorded session will be made available for download.

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