Digital Art Class for Teens - In Person

Date: Every Thursday between Sep 16 and Oct 21 from 4:00am to 5:30pm.
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If you are experienced in using your iPad with the Procreate app - this class is for you. (Terry will be offering a Beginner Digital Art Class on Zoom. Please check our listings).

Each week we create a new piece of art using different brushes and textures. This session we will be especially working on putting characters into a landscape (be it outdoors or inside).

This is a great time to experiment with your own style - though we will be looking at the work of many contemporary digital artists to get our inspiration.

This class will be held indoors, and masks will be required.

For this class you will need an iPad or iPad Pro, a drawing stylus (Apple Pencil is a good choice, but not necessary),

and the app Procreate.

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