Creating Expressive Art With Pastel

Date: Every Monday between Sep 13 and Oct 25 from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.
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DATES OF THE 4 CLASSES:  Sept. 13 & 20 and Oct. 4 & 25

Let’s explore the vast and varied possibilities of working with pure pigments. Each week Jory will do a short demo showing different approaches to painting. Together you will explore various ways to start a painting, learn confident mark making, and discover when to say, “It is finished”. Mutual support and an open mind are encouraged!

Supply List:

Soft Pastels: A minimum of 60 different colors. Please remove wrappings so you can see colors and easily use.

Soft Pastel brands: Sennilier, Ludwig, Schmeinke, Townsend, Unison,
Harder pastels brands: Girault, Rembrandt (not required but helpful additions)
A few med/dark Nupastels are good for underdrawing (I do not recommend inexpensive pastels made in China due to concerns of content quality)  

I recommend one artist’s box to hold them all versus bringing them in lots of different containers. Arrange by color then value.


12 x 18 Light colored sanded paper in white or beige so it can be underpainted. I recommend UART 400 or 500 grit, Art Spectrum, Canson Touch or Pastelmat. You can also make your own sanded surface. Note: Pastelmat has 12 x 18 pads of 12 sheets of paper, a heavy cardboard backing and are already interleaved with glassine. Canson or non-sanded paper is discouraged.

Additional Supplies

• Drawing Board – 14 x 20+ Foam core or other
• Tape - Black, beige or white only.
• Sketchbook and Drawing utensils
• Glassine - this is to protect your paintings during transport when finished.
• Towel - to place under your easel, softens the blow of dropped pastels & keeps floors clean.
• Alcohol for underpainting - bring isopropyl rubbing alcohol (not ethyl alcohol) which can be found in first aid section of pharmacies, grocery stores.
• Cup for alcohol
• Baby wipes - for quick cleanup

• Brushes 1” flat inexpensive synthetic brush
• Viva paper towels

Reference Images

Bring your own original reference photos. Bring images that excite you. Simple images with strong lights and shadows are good place to start. You can work from an iPad or laptop as well as photoprints. Please do not use plain copy paper prints from your home printer as the color is rarely accurate. You can make glossy digital prints at local drugstore, Walmart, etc, or buy photo paper for your home printer. 

 If you have any questions, email jorysm@sprintmail or call 781-293-7009



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