Scene Painting for the Theater

Date: Every Monday between Aug 19 and Sep 30 from 1:30pm to 4:00pm.
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Scene Painting for the Theatre  is open to age 16 and above with some previous art background.

This class will explore the techniques of Tromp l'oeil painting used to create realistic painted effects for the theatre. The painting of bricks, wood, marble, stone, foliage and drapery will be explored. Color mixing will also be taught as part of this class.


Supplies:  All supplies are available at Michael's Craft Stores. All other supplies will be provided.

one 24" x 24" framed canvas (One canvas will be used and then painted over for subsequent classes.  If students prefer not to paint over their canvases, they will need to purchase a new canvas each class.)

Liquitex BASICS® Acrylic Paint 8.5Oz.  : 3-white, 2-red, 2-blue, 2- yellow, 2-green, 2-black. (More paint may need to be purchased as the class progresses.)

Variety Taklon Jumbo Brushes By Craft Smart, Craft Smart®   1" Value Foam Brush Set

20 PieceArtist's Loft™ Rectangular Plastic Palette


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