Intro to Printmaking

Date: Every Wednesday between Apr 26 and May 31 from 10:00am to 1:00pm.
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Come explore this interesting art form.  No experience necessary!

Printmaking is an artistic way to produce multiple images created from a single original surface. 

This class will introduce you to two different printmaking techniques:

·       Collagraph  You can glue everyday materials onto ordinary substrates to create unique and textural plates that can be printed in many ways.  

·       Monotype  How exciting it will be to learn how to use ink, brushes and brayers to create layered images that exemplify monotype as “the painterly print.”

Supplies:  pad of drawing paper and pencils, black marker, paint brushes, acrylic medium (either glossy or matte), either baby oil or vegetable oil for cleanup, paper towels, non-toxic glass cleaner, an apron, several putty knives, and either an old sheet or plastic table cloth with which to cover the work area, and disposable gloves. In addition, if students have their own brayers, they should bring them along.





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