What Lies Beneath - Laying the Groundwork in Landscape Painting

Date: Saturday Jun 1 from 9:00am to 4:00pm.
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Is your painting style abstract, expressive, or realistic?

No matter your style, a dynamic painting needs a solid underlying structure.

Through a series of exercises, we will simplify our scene before we build up our composition

through positive and negative shapes, a juxtaposition of contrasts and similarities, and color decisions.


Laurinda will begin with a discussion and demonstration before diving into exercises.

Please bring photographs, medium of your choice (soft pastels, acrylic or oil paints),

and a willingness to experiment with this fun and supportive journey though the landscape.



Bring your soft pastel, acrylic, or oil supplies 

Photographic references 

At least 6 small surfaces (4x6, 6x6, 5x7, 8x8, whatever you prefer). These surfaces need to be able to handle wet media if you are using pastels. They can be boards or any paintable surface. Larger surfaces to work on, your choice, but at least 9x12, 12x18, etc. Can be square, but bigger is key.

Acrylic and Oil painters can bring bigger canvases.

Whatever you are comfortable with (or … push yourself and go bigger!)

Pastelists need paper that can get wet. Alcohol for underpainting (for use with soft pastels) Watercolor brush

Paper towels

Sketch paper

Masking or artist tape (no blue or green painter’s tape)

Back board such as foam core to attach surfaces while you work

Glassine or document bags to protect work

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