Seasonal Botanicals - Zoom

Date: Every Friday between Apr 23 and May 28 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.
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We’ll break through the pandemic doldrums by immersing ourselves in the world of flowers.
In this six week session we will focus our attention on drawing and painting plants - one stem at a time - in the age-old-style called Botanical illustration. We will work at being accurate, including all the details we see. We will include the latin name of the plant and the popular name of the plant.

Terry will bring in fresh flowers or leaves of the season. You will sketch and then finish your piece in your own personal style, be it color pencil, pen and ink or watercolor. Terry will also guide you in using calligraphy to add text on your pieces. Our pieces can be 8x10 or 11 x 14 and can easily be framed and hung!

It's quite easy to create small format art while on a Zoom call.

You will need a good sketchbook, and a good sketching pencil (HB or B) and your desired medium to complete your piece: pen and ink, color pencils, watercolor or pastels.If using watercolor paints, Terry recommends getting some good quality watercolor paper.

This will be a Zoom class. Terry will email the link to class each week.

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