Mixed Media on Paper

Date: Every Thursday between Nov 9 and Dec 14 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.
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Classes:  Nov. 9, 16, 30 & Dec. 7, 14 (no class 11/23)

Explore the joy of mark-making as we learn new ways to use materials on paper. We’ll use traditional art materials in exciting new combinations and combine them with a wide range of found materials and textures on paper. By juxtaposing the old with the new and the traditional with the contemporary we’ll create whole new kinds of imagery. We’ll discuss the elements of art such as color theory, composition, shape, line, texture, edge, etc in our images and engage in positive critique for individual artistic growth in each class. Archival concerns specific to mixed media on paper will be a topic of discussion as well. 

SUPPLIES:  Acrylic gel matte medium, palette knife, exacto or matt knife, 18” x 24” pad of heavy weight paper for watercolor or mixed media, compressed and vine charcoal, 3 erasers--1 each gum, white, and yellow (no pink),  #6 & # 8 graphite pencils, dry pastels, watercolors or acrylics or India inks and brushes (no oils), 2 rolls of first aid tape (one narrow, one wide), large white paper plates and plastic spoons, images from magazines or photographs, found materials with interesting texture or visual potential i.e. cloth scraps, yarn & ribbon, sand, feathers, ashes, ticket stubs, old letters, novel excerpts, poems, etc.    optional: metal leaf (silver, copper, or gold--imitation not real)

Instructor will provide:  templates, scissors, colored sharpie markers & pencils, rulers, found materials 

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