Digital Photography - Fall 2017

Date: Every Saturday between Nov 11 and Dec 9 from 7:30am to 10:30am.
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No class on 11/18

For photo-artists, everything great happens in the fall: Sunrise arrives at a later hour, Cool mornings produce fog over waters dispersing the light creating mystical landscapes, Tall grasses dry in the sun to a light amber with translucent tassels, bringing amazing colors and textures. 

Saturday morning class has four 3 hour sessions and each is essentially a mini-workshop, out in the field shooting, then back for group review. The class is limited to four students constrained by capacity to travel. Destinations have included Powderpoint Bridge, Gurnet Lighthouse, Long Beach, Plymouth Fish Shakes, The Jettie, Burial Hill, Cordage Park, Delano's Warf, Cape Cod Canal, Oliver Mill/Nemasket River, the Sandwich Boardwalk, and many beautiful scenes found along the way.   (No class 10/7)


Develop your eye,  compose better photographs

Recognize and strengthen your personal artistic style

Lean to be inspired by almost any subject matter

Have Fun 


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