Wood Carving for Beginners

Date: Every Wednesday between Sep 20 and Oct 25 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.
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In this beginner class, you will practice (with supervision) the five basic knife cuts for safe and successful wood carving of your future masterpieces.  You will be exposed to relief carving, chip carving and basic carving in the round for any three dimensional object either from nature (birds, animals, flowers) or from your own imagination.  Pine, basswood, and carving knives will be supplied for your first practice sessions.  You will be shown how to sharpen and maintain the cutting edges.    Books and magazines will be available to explore future projects.  To add interest to your projects, demonstrations will include types of wood, carving with chisels, and wood burners.  Finishing your project will include acrylic painting and sealing the wood surfaces.     Limit 6

Carving knife is available for purchase from the instructor at the first class for approximately $20.

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