Origami for Everyone!

Date: Every Thursday between Jan 18 and Feb 22 from 10:00am to 12:00pm.
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Origami is so much more than the crane or the fortune teller of childhood days!  

"Origami is a form of sculpture in which the primary means of creating the form is folding." says talented origamist (and physicist) Robert Lang. 


In each class you will fold a new model chosen to increase your origami technique and class interest.  

Most of the models you will learn will be modular, a form of origami in which the model is made from multiple copies of the same unit.


The only supply you need to bring is a shoebox-sized container to hold your creations in progress. 


If you have never done origami, take advantage of a free hour immediately prior to the first class:  

In this extra hour Andrea will introduce you to basic origami folds, origami bases, and how to read a model diagram.  



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