Create Your Own Cartoon Strip (Digital & traditional) ZOOM

Date: Every Thursday between Jan 14 and Feb 18 from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.
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In this 6 week course you will develop your own family of characters - their own world to live in - and their story to tell. We'll take time to work on staging each square to make your cartoon strip more dynamic, and we'll work on emotions in both facial expressions and body language.

Do you already have a story to tell? Already have a cast of characters? Bring them along to class and let's make nice, crisp black and white illustrations in graphic novel format. Do you already create your art on a digital tablet? Cool! You can use that instead of a sketchbook!

Students will need a sketchbook, an HB pencil, eraser and 3 different size fine black markers. If they have a drawing tablet - they can use that instead of a sketchbook.

This will be an after-school Zoom class. Terry will email the link to class each week.

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