Create Your Own Cartoon Characters (Ages 10 - 18)

Date: Every Thursday between Jan 16 and Feb 20 from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.
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In this class the students will put their creativity and imaginations to work creating their

own cartoon characters, worlds and story lines. Our goal is to have at least one page of their

cartoon story drawn and inked. For students who already have their characters and stories in mind,

Terry will help them fine-tune them, and will allow them to work at their own pace.


Terry's classroom is full of fun, music, refreshments and encouragement.

She encourages kids to watch cartoons with the purpose of studying them and learning from them.

It's not unusual to watch bits of animated cartoons while in class.


This session Terry will herself be learning how to transfer her cartoons digitally on an iPad Pro.

Everything she learns will be passed on to the students. If they have an iPad Pro or digital drawing pad -

please bring it to class!


Supplies: Students will bring sketchbooks, HB pencils, erasers and their great imagination.

Terry will bring tons of reference, markers and special paper for the finished product.



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