Color Theory - Paper Applications

Date: Every Saturday between Sep 23 and Oct 28 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.
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This class is for all visual artists:  painters, photographers, textile artists, etc.

Understanding color theory helps all visual artists enhance their work.  Learn to see color and use it to your advantage in your artwork! 

Color theory topics to be investigated include:

  • color wheel
  • color bias, dispersion, transparency, opacity and visual weight 
  • tetrads, analogous & complementary color combinations 
  • triadic harmonies

You will apply color theories in creating your own color wheel and a variety of artworks using mixed media, collage, mosaics and printing.


A $15 supply fee is included.  Assorted supplies will be provided.  You are encouraged to bring your own materials to incorporate into your art projects.

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